terms and conditions

The school year is divided into three terms:

  • Term 1: September to December
  • Term 2: January to March
  • Term 3: April to June

  •  In order to process your child’s application, a non-refundable application fee of AED 525 is required
  • The Registration Fee is payable when you have been notified in writing of your child’s placement
  • Students will not be added to class lists nor will they be admitted to classes until Term 1 Fees are settled in full
  • Pre-rated discount calculation is applicable for later joiners in Term 1 or 2
  • The Re-registration Fee is required every academic year to secure your child’s placement
  • All Registration/Re-Registrations Fes paid are non-refundable but transferrable to other Taaleem schools up to 30th June of that academic year
  • Payments are accepted in Cash, Credit Card and Cheque
  • Cheques are to be made payable to THE CHILDREN’S GARDEN
  • Personal cheques are accepted, but returned or dishonoured cheques are subject to an Admin Fee of AED 500
  • Extra-curricular activities are payable in cash only


Withdrawals will only be considered upon receipt of a request in writing to the Admissions and Finance teams.

The value of the fee per month is calculated by dividing the total tuition fees by ten months

In the case of refund and recovery, the school fees will be calculated as follows to Term 1, 2 and 3:

  1. If the student attends school for two weeks or less, a month’s fees will be deducted
  2. If the student attends school for a period ranging between two weeks and one month, two months’ fees will be deducted
  3. If the student attends for more than a month, three months’ fees will be deducted
  4. The above cycle will restart at the end of every 3 months (from start date) or with the beginning of a new term

The cut-off date for admission to any grade level is 31st December, e.g. children entering Pre-KG must be three years of age before 31st December. They must also be potty trained. In addition, Nursery children must have started the potty training process with the aim of being fully trained by the end of the year.

Grade Age Group Cut-off Date for Admissions
  Nursery 2 years    2 by 31st December of current school year
  Pre-KG 3 years   3 by 31st December of current school year
  KG 1 4 years   4 by 31st December of current school year
  KG 2 5 years   5 by 31st December of current school year

All Nursery children will be taught in English, whereas the languages of instruction for Pre-KG and KG 1 and 2 children are English, German or French. Arabic is also delivered as third language.


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